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Our Principles and Values

“Shinhan Way” Corporate philosophy

We are glad to introduce you to “Shinhan Way” Corporate philosophy!

«Shinhan Way» corporate philosophy is a way of building a successful Shinhan home. The home, where reigns success and prosperity, safety and mutual respect.

5 main principles of Shinhan home have been laid down as a basis of «Shinhan Way» corporate philosophy. The basis is the principle upon which the whole philosophy of «Shinhan Way» is founded – The sense of Ownership - every employee should feel a sense of ownership in building Shinhan home, with the belief that development of "Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan" will be the personal development in the future.

Three absolute principles are based on the principle of ownership that are designed to ensure the success of building Shinhan home – Respect Perfection Excellence!

The main and final principle of building a Shinhan home is the complete focus on each customer and his/her needs. Success and satisfaction of the interests of each customer – is the main goal of building «Shinhan Way» corporate philosophy

Our principles and values

Other principles:

  • Commitment - We are committed to the common cause and strive for performing the Mission of the Bank.
  • Legality - we strictly adhere to generally accepted principles and norms of international law, legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provisions of this Code, other internal documents of the Bank.
  • Respect for value and dignity of the individual - we respect human rights and freedoms, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, social and legal status. Honor and respect of these rights and freedoms is the most important value for us.
  • Corporate unity - we build our relationships with colleagues based on mutual understanding, trust, mutual support and corporate solidarity. We share professional knowledge and practical experience with colleagues.
  • Openness - we maintain a policy of maximum openness and transparency of the Bank's activity. We strive to use all available sources of information for free access to all interested persons to the disclosures about the Bank. We build our relationships with customers, business partners, representatives of state and local authorities on the basis of equality and openness.
  • Security - we take all necessary measures to prevent any illegal actions by third parties against the Bank, its employees and customers.
  • Social responsibility - we seek to engage in voluntary charitable activities by making contributions to development of our social responsibility before the public.
  • Responsibility - we are responsible for our results of operations, to customers - for the quality of banking services, to business partners - for the proper performance of our obligations, to society and the state - for respect of personality, his/her rights and freedoms, for contribution to the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Corporate philosophy of JSC «Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan» is elaborated in compliance with «Shinhan Way» corporate philosophy, which is obligatory for each division of «Shinhan» financial group.

The Bank`s strategy is to gain the positions of one of the leading and reliable banks, a provider of up-to-date financial services despite the impacts of the global financial crisis.

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