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Terms of issue of payment cards

JSC Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan issues and distributes payment cards of Visa international payment system in tenge. The bank  offers debit payment cards that involve spending money within the balance on the account of the holder of the payment card. Participation in salary projects of the Bank, involving the transfer of salaries of employees of a legal entity to employees' accounts;p>

To issue a card, the organization must open an account to which the card will be linked.

This card is issued to an employee of the organization.
At will, additional corporate personal cards can be opened to the corporate account, according to which the spending limit is set.

 Tariffs for Business debit payment cards

Tarriffs name VISA Business
Card issue KZT 0,00
Annual fee
Annual maintenance fee of main card for the first and subsequent years. KZT 2 000,00
Main or additional card Reissuance by the expiration date of plastic /visiting Fraud-countries / fraudulent transactions by bank initiative. KZT 0,00
Main or additional card reissue by clients request (lost / stolen / damaged plastic) KZT   2 000,00
Transfer to the card account
Cash withdrawal at any ATM in the Republic of Kazakhstan 1%
Cash withdrawal at any ATM in the world (outside the Republic of Kazakhstan) 1%
Cash withdrawal on the card account at the cash desk of JSC "Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan" According to the Bank Tariffs
Transfer to the card account
Contribution of cash to the card account at the box office of "Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan" KZT 0,00
Intrabank non-cash crediting money in national / foreign currency between accounts of one client KZT 0,00
between accounts of different clients
Non-cash crediting money between different banks in national / foreign currency KZT 0,00
Transfer operations
Intra wire transfer (at the client's request, via the Internet banking system) between accounts of one client KZT 0,00
between accounts of different clients KZT 0,00
Cards Retail operation
Payment by card in trade / service enterprises KZT 0,00
Report or request of statement/mini-statement
Balance inquiry through ATM network of other banks KZT 0,00
Statement in "Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan" Office According to the Bank Tariffs
Statement in Internet Banking System KZT 0,00
Connection to SMS-alerts (VAT including.) KZT 0,00
Subscription fee per month (VAT including.) KZT 0,00
Additional fee
Change PIN-code KZT 0,00
Blocking of cards, without setting an international stop-list KZT 0,00
Blocking of cards, with the formulation of an international stop-list (every two weeks, for each region) KZT 9 000,00
Unblocking of payment card KZT 0,00
Changing the amount of limits on the client's request for the main and additional cards KZT 0,00
Card transactions Investigation
Provide video clips to resolve dispute transactions made through ATMs of banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan (VAT including.) According to the Tariffs of the acquiring bank
Investigation in dispute situation (VAT including). KZT 0,00
Arbitration in payment system (VAT including). According to the VISA

Corporate philosophy of JSC «Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan» is elaborated in compliance with «Shinhan Way» corporate philosophy, which is obligatory for each division of «Shinhan» financial group.

The Bank`s strategy is to gain the positions of one of the leading and reliable banks, a provider of up-to-date financial services despite the impacts of the global financial crisis.

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