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Corporate services fees:

1. The list of provided services is fully compliant with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulations of NBRK.
2. All postal, telegraphic, telex, telephone and other expenses shall be charged additionally at actual costs if no tariff is available.
3. The costs of the Bank paid to third banks to fulfill customers' orders in foreign currency shall be reimbursed at actual cost at the expense of the Remitter.
4. If the cost of Bank's services to fulfill customers' orders is not defined by current tariffs or the order requires additional processing, or unusual liability, the Bank independently determines the amount of fee, in terms of own expenses.
5. The charged fee is not refundable in case of termination of the order.
6. Payment of fees shall be made in KZT or in foreign currency at discretion of the customer. In case of fee payment in foreign currency, the bank converts, at the bank rate on the date of payment, without charging conversion fee.
7. Tariffs can be changed or amended, reported to the Customer in the public announcement in the Operation Room no later than 10 calendar days prior to introduction.


New tariff

Corporate philosophy of JSC «Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan» is elaborated in compliance with «Shinhan Way» corporate philosophy, which is obligatory for each division of «Shinhan» financial group.

The Bank`s strategy is to gain the positions of one of the leading and reliable banks, a provider of up-to-date financial services despite the impacts of the global financial crisis.

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