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Credit program for consumer purposes

JSC "Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan" offers loans for consumer purposes under the following conditions:


Conditions of crediting*
Term of crediting:

from 1 year to 20 years;

Amount of crediting:

from 3 000 000 tenge to 100 000 000 tenge

Currency of crediting:

tenge (KZT);

Rateof return:

13% per annum;

Annual effective rate of return:

from 13,9%;

Targeted use:

Consumer purposes / (urgent needs), as well as the refinancing of the debt issued for similar purposes;

The periodicity of repayment:

principal and interest payments on a monthly basis;

Accrual method:

annuity payments (repayment in equal payments) differentiated payments (principal amount in equal payments)

Consideration fee:
Origination fee:
Fee for conversion into cash:

0 KZT;

Fee for early repayment (charged, only the first 12 months.)


Penalty in case of violation of obligations to pay monthly payments:

0.5% of the amount of the past due debt for each day of delay of payment, but not more than 10% per year of the amount of loan issued;

Mandatory requirements:
Confirmation of incomes: availability of pension contributions for the last 6 months;

- type: residential and commercial real estate;

- year of construction: not older than 1960 (inclusive);

- in a city of Almaty boundaries;

- wall material: monolith / reinforced concrete, brick, concrete panels, thermal

  block/foam concrete block;

The costs associated with the credit processing:
Insurance of property: According to the tariffs of insurance companies (the Bank does not limit you in choosing an insurance company);
Evaluation of real estate: According to the tariffs of the independent evaluating company (the Bank does not limit you in choosing the evaluating company);

 * Credit conditions for individuals, approved by the Credit Committee, the Protocol №11-2018  from 08.02.2018

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